Best Shoulder Recoil Pads 2022 – Have you been suffering shoulder pain and discomfort? Shoulder Recoil Pads are a solution to this issue. By dampening the recoil of your rifle, these cushions will assist you prevent injuries.

Best Shoulder Recoil Pads

Best Shoulder Recoil Pads 2022

1 – BWAYNE’S DOG Adjustable Rifle Shotgun Recoil

WAYNE'S DOG Adjustable Rifle Shotgun Shield Shoulder Protector Recoil Pad, Padded Leather Shirt Vest for Shooting (Khaki)
  • 【Material】The Shoot Shoulder Pad Field Shield is made of Padded Suede leather and 16oz waxed canvas material to reduce felt recoil.
  • 【Designed for Field Shooter】Ideal for those who are especially sensitive to firearm kickback.
  • 【45KG to 125KG】Quick disassembly and adjustment, useful for extended shooting sessions, suitable for people weighing 45KG to 125KG.
  • 【Fully Adjustable Shooting Pad】This shooting shoulder pad could be worn on right shoulder and attaches with an easily adjustable side closure for a secure fit.
  • 【Leather Recoil System】 Recoil Reducer Shoot Shoulder Pad designed for the field shooter. Lightweight, leather recoil system is designed to allow quick, easy gun mounting in the field, provides valuable protection.

2 – Caldwell Ambidextrous Shooting Recoil Shields

Caldwell Super Mag Plus Recoil Shield
  • DIMENSIONS: 1" Thick - 10 oz
  • EASE OF USE: Simply place the pad where desired and tighten down the strap to ensure no sliding or movement while in use
  • RELIABLE: Perfect for reducing recoil which protects the shooter from bruising and prevents development of bad shooting habits
  • DURABLE: Features leather on both sides - front to grip the butt of the gun for a more secure hold and back to grab skin or material to minimize pad movement
  • VERSATILITY: Can be worn inside or outside of clothing, right or left handed and comes in 4 different thicknesses/styles

3 – Nother Shoulder Recoil Shield Pad

Nother Shoulder Recoil Shield Pad,Doease Protective Shooting Pad Shotgun Shockproof Shoulder Pad with Adjustable Strap for Hunting (Black/Camouflage) (Black)
  • ❥❥ PAD MATERIAL – Diving material + Polyester,reduce felt recoil in extended shooting sessions.
  • ❥❥ UNIVERSAL SIZE - 25.5 x 13 inch,
  • ❥❥ ADJUSTABLE STRAP - Hunting Recoil Pad with adjustable strap for for both men and women
  • ❥❥ BEST CHOICE FOR SHOOTER - Recoil Shield Shoulder Pad designed for the field shooters, lightweight but well protect shoulder from hurt
  • ❥❥ Can be worn either on top of or under clothing, Black or Camouflage for you choose

4 – ShockEater Recoil Pad

ShockEater Recoil Pad
  • Fits in the recoil pad pocket of vests, shirts and jackets by ShockEater, Wild Hare, Browning, MizMac, Peregrine Field Gear, NICA, and more! (Not designed to fit Beretta or Eddie Bauer vests)
  • Reduces peak felt recoil and improves pitch & toe angles
  • Ultra-thin & Lightweight – only 8mm thick & 1.4oz; Pad dimensions 6.5in x 3.5in
  • Made with revolutionary Nano-Poly technology
  • Made in the USA

5 – LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad

GearOZ Slip-on Recoil Pad with 0.5 Inch Gel Filled, Anti Slip Recoil Reducing Pad Fit for Most Models
  • Reduce Shoulders Sore: Due to a thicker 0.5 Inch gel-filled, GearOZ recoil pad can reduce up to 75% of recoil, which helps you shoot longer
  • Fits Snugly: Recoil pad for shotgun designed with an anti-slip surface, so it fits snugly without slipping that helps you in fast targeting
  • Well Sewn Elastic Material: Shotgun buttstock pad use durable stitched, it won't rip even shooting for a long time
  • Available for most Gunstocks: Shotgun stock pad made of elastic rubber and gel filler, it is elastic enough that fits for most rifle buttstocks
  • Dimension: 4.5"(Top) x 5.5"(Bottom)

7 – rainbowstar 2 Pack Women’s Hidden Shoulder Recoil Shield Pads

rainbowstar 2 Pack Women's Hidden Shoulder Recoil Shield Pads for Shooting Practice Range and Hunting to Reduce Back Seat Impact
  • RECOIL PROTECTION FOR WOMEN: This hidden comfort shooting recoil shield reducer pad is designed for women, to provide recoil protection while participating in shooting activities give the female shooter a customized, competitive edge.
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: This recoil protection has a comfortable cotton blend cover that easily attaches to a bra strap with velcro without removing the blouse or shirt.To ensure that it does not slip or move during use.
  • FOAM RECOIL SYSTEM: This foam rifle recoil pad with recoil absorbing foam, worn over the shoulder, absorbs and spreads the recoil impulse, significantly reducing the recoil felt by the shooter.
  • BEST CHOICE FOR SHOOTER: Recoil Reducer Shoot Shoulder Pad designed for the field shooter. Lightweight, foam recoil system is designed to allow quick, easy gun mounting in the field, provides valuable protection.
  • AN UNSEEN PROTECTOR: The women Hidden Comfort Recoil Shield Pad allow to worn under clothing. As an unseen protector of the recoil absorbing foam for the female shooter. Bra not included.

8 – ShockEater Slip-On Recoil Pad Kit

ShockEater Slip-On Recoil Pad Kit, Genuine Leather, Adjustable, Made in USA
  • Easily slips over most butt stocks, no gunsmithing, or drilling required - simple and effective way to minimize hard hitting recoil and shoulder fatigue while improving accuracy, comfort, and consistency with your long guns. Simply slip on and lace up.
  • (4) inserts for your comfort and customization: (1) ShockEater recoil reducing insert (1/4”) secured within the leather cover & (3) additional hi-density foam spacers (1/4”, 3/8”, & 1/2″) to customize length of pull
  • ShockEater recoil reducing insert is made with revolutionary Nano-Poly technology and secured within genuine leather buttstock cover
  • Genuine leather cover will stand up to the wear and tear of long-term use. The matte finish will age and mature with use, developing a vintage and rugged appearance. Cover will fit buttstocks ranging from 4.5” x 1.5”, up to 5-3/8” x 1-7/8”
  • Made in the USA - Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) legal

9 – ShockEater Men’s Recoil Shooting Shirt

10 – Feyachi Slip On Recoil Pad

Feyachi Slip On Recoil Pad, Gel Filled
  • Gel filled material reduces up to 70% of recoil felt. Fits most rifles and shotguns. Greatly improves shooting comfort and accuracy.
  • Slip on and easy to install, no gunsmithing or drilling and it won't damage your gun.
  • Can be easily moved from gun to gun without any tools or modifications to the gun.
  • Non-slip surface and lining keeps the hi-density gel inserts in place. Ideal for use in all harsh weather conditions.
  • Filled with latest high tech gel pad which are known for its exceptional high energy absorption properties.

Benefits of Best Shoulder Recoil Pads 2022

Best Shoulder Recoil Pads

They’re composed of high-quality, long-lasting neoprene that’s both comfortable and simple to use. The pads include an adjustable strap that allows them to accommodate any arm size.

When your shoulder starts to hurt, you’ve been out in the field for too long. It may be a major issue, making it difficult to shoot correctly and much more so if you need to use that arm for other chores such as lifting or carrying objects.

These Shoulder Recoil Pads come in handy in this situation. They’re composed of high-quality neoprene with an adjustable strap for maximum comfort and convenience. The recoil of your rifle will be absorbed by these pads, offering relaxation while also preventing harm! Order now before they’re all gone!

Shoulder Recoil Pads are intended to aid in the maintenance of proper posture and the prevention of injuries. These pads assist to relieve pain and discomfort by giving support for your shoulders. They are also beneficial to those who shoot weapons since they lessen recoil.

  • Prevent damage and agony.
  • Maintain a healthy posture.
  • Before they sold out, place your order.

When deciding on shoulder recoil pads, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Shoulder Recoil Pads are an excellent technique to relieve shoulder pain and discomfort. 
The recoil of your rifle is absorbed by these cushions. 
These are for you if you wish to be able to shoot for extended periods of time with no problems.

Shoulder Recoil Pads are made of a variety of materials.

Depending on the sort of pistol you use, there are a variety of materials that may be utilised for these pads. Neoprene, cloth, vinyl, nylon, and leather are all common materials. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but most people agree that neoprene is the greatest option since it is both robust and comfortable.

Pad Dimensions

Best Shoulder Recoil Pads

The pad’s size is also crucial. Make sure the shoulder pad is big enough to cover the full shoulder region. This will ensure that the recoil is distributed uniformly and that no discomfort or damage occur.

The Pad’s Fit

It’s also crucial to make sure the pad fits properly. It won’t absorb the recoil adequately if it’s too loose. It will be unpleasant and may cause irritation or rashes if it is overly tight.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Pad?

If you want to make sure your pad stays clean and lasts a long time, you should follow a regular cleaning routine. Washing your pads regularly is very easy!

Shoulder Recoil Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Will using Shoulder Recoil Pads assist me with my rotator cuff problems?

Shoulder Recoil Pads are unlikely to help a rotator cuff condition caused by “recoil” in your shoulder. Overuse of the rotator cuff is common, and it can be caused by shoulder muscles that aren’t strong enough to bear weights.

Shoulder Recoil Pads, where do they put on my shoulder?

Shoulder Recoil Pads should be put on the deltoid muscle on the top of your shoulder.

What can I do if I’m not sure if I need Shoulder Recoil Pads?

Shoulder Recoil Pads should be considered if you have pain in your shoulder, discomfort when lifting weights, or any other condition connected to recoil in your shoulder.

Is there a guarantee on these pads that covers things like flaws and things like that?

Yes, since you’re dealing with a reputable and trustworthy firm like Hypermaxx.

Are these pads made entirely of natural materials, or do they also contain chemicals and fillers?

These pads are made entirely of natural materials. We understand that you want to know that the products you buy for your health and fitness requirements are safe, but our dedication to natural ingredients goes even further. Every component in each of our products has been carefully selected to ensure that it is completely natural. Helping you reach your objectives should always be done ethically, which is why we create all of our products without fillers or hormone-disrupting ingredients. All of the components have been validated by third-party testing companies that adhere to stringent criteria.Because we value openness, nothing is concealed behind proprietary mixes or misleading marketing claims about “natural” components that aren’t genuine! Instead, each item gracefully declares what’s within.

Do I have to replace them if I decide not to use them after a certain period of time, like I would with other products?

No. Each of our items is built to endure for a specific period of time so that you get the most bang for your buck, especially when compared to the pricing on our website. If your pads have run out, you can decide whether or not you need new ones.


Because the shoulder is the most utilised joint in the body, it’s no wonder that it’s prone to injury and discomfort. Thankfully, a simple remedy exists to alleviate this pain: shoulder recoil pads! When you use these cushions for everyday activities like lifting or gardening, they absorb impact. You could even see a difference after only one day of wearing these pads since they aid to minimise inflammation and wear on my arm, minimising probable bone fracture. Recoil Sleeve and Pad by Orvis

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